Frequently Asked Questions

Is this free?

Yes! Signing and up and checking us out are free. In addition, upgraded members get tokens that they can give out so they have promo partners that are not paid members.

So what exactly is Promo Slice?

PromoSlice is a service that allows you to run unlimited promotions for your Traffic Exchange.

If I sign up and upgrade what am I getting?

You are getting unlimited access to our proprietary software that allows you to run promotions for your members. We provide all the stats, unique collection methods, unlimited promo partners, and easy to manage in-house promos all the way to promos involving up to and including 5 sites.

So how does this help me?

PromoSlice allows you to manage your site and not the promos that are necessary to make your site a success. We help you find partners, make contacts, and ease the process of site promos.

Can I drop out of a Promo I Signed up for?

Yes, you can drop as long as there are more than three days to the promo scheduled event date. If the event is within the three days you must contact the originator of the promo to allow him time to find another partner or to cancel the promo at his discretion.

Is there a penalty for dropping out at the last minute?

At this time no; however, in the future owners and surfers will be able to rate your promo event based on a number of items, such as timeliness of prize payments, quality of the prizes, quantity of the prizes, etc. So you will want to be careful. Also, even without the rating system word will get out that your cancelled or failed to pay prizes and other owners will not want to schedule promos with you.

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